Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Apparently, insects are big in Japan. Literally, they’re very big. The giant beetles, dragonflies, butterflies and moths in this film are fascinating, whereas the giant
hornets are just plain scary.

‘Beetle Queen’ is part of the SIFF’s experimental category. It’s more an experience than a recognizable plot. Through visual observation, we learn a little bit about the pet insect market in Japan, and how it’s lucrative enough to finance the purchase of a Ferrari. We see how people copy bugs with their helicopters, umbrellas, etc. It made me wonder if bugs aren’t better pets than animals with respect to the environment.

The movie’s running time needs shortening, perhaps a reduction from 90 to 70 minutes.

Venue: Seattle International Film Festival, 2010
Genre: Experimental, Documentary
Country: USA, Japan
Language: Japanese, English