Suleiman Mountain

This was either poetically brutal or brutally poetic. Kyrgyzstan’s countryside is the backdrop for a small band of grifters carrying out what I can only assume is normal everyday life. A small boy, two wives (one old, one new), and a truck-driving-man swindle customers with fake medical remedies.

It feels like it’s every man for himself, but in a civilized, grifter-sort of way. When someone’s stay exceeds their usefulness, they’re gone. When someone slips and falls and cracks their skull, they’re dead. But when someone gets really, really drunk and crashes someone else’s remote control helicopter, there’s an interconnectedness that emerges. It’s a connection of inner child transcending both age and sex, first and second wife, wage earner as well as gambler, grifter and philanthropist alike.

Venue: Seattle International Film Festival, 2018
Country: Russia, Kyrgyzstan
Language: Kirghiz, Russian
Genres: Drama


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