The Edge of Heaven

Fatih Akin’s new film is part of this year’s Emerging Masters series at the film festival. I saw one of his works “Head-On” at last year’s festival and really enjoyed it. He has a knack for weaving together parallel story lines in a way that doesn’t seem unbelievable, and surprises me even when it shouldn’t. Have you ever crossed paths with an acquaintance at a distant airport somewhere, as you’re hurrying to change planes? It might be someone you haven’t seen in years, or someone you live two blocks from. I think it’s those kind of real life experiences that add plausibility to his screenplays.

Most of the movie felt like it was in English, but I don’t think it was (just felt that way, not sure why). This was Germany’s official submission for the 2008 Academy Awards. In addition to its German backdrop, much of the film takes place in Turkey.

Venue: Seattle International Film Festival
Country: Turkey, Germany, Italy
Language: German, Turkish, English
Genres: Drama

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