Terribly Happy

I am not terribly happy about any of the films I’ve seen yet at this year’s Seattle International Film Festival. Sometimes it takes a few days of reflection, or even a few weeks, to fully appreciate a movie’s good points. And perhaps when it’s all over and done with I’ll feel more ecstatic about some of the following films. But for the moment, these are the highlights that shouldn’t be missed (in no particular order).

Terribly Happy (at IMDB) — A Danish cop is reassigned to a small, remote village where he learns it’s “okay” to kill the odd townsfolk. And everyone in this little town is very odd. The film’s director and writer, Henrik Ruben Genz, has done a number of television shows. This is Northern Exposure as David Lynch might have envisioned it. — Raiting: 3.2/5

Moon (at IMDB) — Much of this film reminds me of the stand-up video arcade game called Moon Patrol. — Raiting: 3.5/5

Hansel and Gretel (at IMDB) — Don’t take your children to this movie. — Raiting: 3.5/5

The Hurt Locker (at IMDB) — I don’t know what a realistic depiction of war is like, but this strikes me as believable. — Raiting: 4.5/5

Miao Miao (at IMDB) — Teenage crushes suck. — Raiting: 3.2/5

The Merry Gentleman (at IMDB) — Being a professional killer sucks. — Raiting: 4.1/5

Departures (at IMDB) — Working as an undertaker…doesn’t always suck, and it can be a gratifying career move. — Raiting: 4.3/5