In this unapologetic horror film rip-off of classics like The Wicker Man, Jack Reynor and Florence Pugh play American college students Christian and Dani, a boyfriend+girlfriend combo that doesn’t really work anymore. Dani is having “family problems”, but Christian doesn’t want any part of that (or of her). Christian is a slacker–He’s too lazy to break-up with the “overly-needy” Dani, and too lazy to come up with a doctoral thesis of his own. Christian is a procrastinator of the worst sort. Don’t be like Christian.

Amid their relationship of discontent, a fellow classmate invites the couple and a few friends to visit Sweden for summer solstice, to take part in his commune’s drug-ladened, pagan celebrations and meet the extended family. Fiction doesn’t have to always be believable, but Midsommar stretches that license to unbelievable extremes?

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The Cabin in the Woods — for sacrificing a group of young men and women to appease the gods, ignoring for a moment that they all brought cell phones which will lead Swedish police straight to your unholy garden.
The Hotel New Hampshire — for thinking a person in a bear suit is ever the least bit entertaining.

Venue: SIFF Uptown
Country: USA
Language: English
Genres: Drama, Horror

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