Letters to Father Jacob

A pardoned, female convict named Leila moves in with an elderly, blind priest. She has been employed to read his letters, and to help him answer some of them (the rest she throws down a well), and to occasionally bully the postman when there is no mail. She once attempts suicide, considers stealing from the padre, and doesn’t talk much.

The cinematography is why you should see this film, so my giving away any of the plot is unimportant. Many films are too long, and some are too short (very few are too short). At 75 minutes running time, Father Jacob sounded more like a novella than a feature, but it’s just the right length. We were lucky enough to see this at one of the morning press screenings during the festival. I like press screenings because they’re quiet and make it easier to appreciate subtle art.

Venue: Seattle International Film Festival, 2010
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Genre: Drama